9 Month of Pregnancy
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Care During Pregnancy
Motherhood brings in lot of responsibilities towards yourself and the unborn. Your responsibilities start from the day you get pregnant. The article congregates few tips for ...
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Early symptoms of pregnancy
The feeling of being pregnant brings in lot of mixed emotions. It is a feeling of ecstasy that you are going to be a MUMMY!!! You will be playing and caring about a ...
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Prepare yourself for motherhood
The thought of someone calling you ‘MAMMA!!’ enthralls every woman. Motherhood brings many changes in a women’s life. A would be mother is anxious to know ...
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Prenatal Development(week by week)
The period of conception till delivery of the baby is called gestation or pregnancy and this period in case of human infant is usually 280 days or 40 weeks or 9 calendar...
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Test for Pregnancy
If you think you are pregnant and want to assure the pregnancy certain home pregnancy test kits available at drug stores enable you to detect an early pregnancy. These kits...
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Tips to conceive
The article suggests you tips to conceive brief you about the process called ovulation and also guides you through the method of calculating the date of ovulation...
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Two genetically similar offsprings produced in a single pregnancy is called twins. In contrast, to singleton when more than one offspring develops in the same pregnancy it is...
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Diet During Pregnancy
Everyday we see people making hoopla about "balanced diet". So I hereby want you to understand it in just a single line- ‘Balanced diet is the diet that has a variety of foods...
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Exercise During And After Pregnancy
Exercise is a boon for you and your baby not only during pregnancy but after delivery also. Work out can help you make feel better by boosting energy level, relieve backaches...
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Hereditary endowments
Hereditary endowments are one of the events that take place during fertilization. The chromosomes in mature male cell contain nearly 40,000 to 60,000 genes and the equal ...
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Menstrual Cycle
Menstruation is the monthly outflow of blood that starts at teen age and continues till a woman attains the age of late 40s. The lining of the uterus or womb is shed out and this...
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Sex Determination
The biological system of determining gender and related characteristics of a child is called sex-determination system. The sex of an organism is fated at the time of fertilization...
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Your Gestation period and Due Date
Hearing the news of pregnancy brings joy to a married couple. It is indeed the time to celebrate. Parents eagerly wait to get the Pregnancy period or Gestation period of 266 ...
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